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swimming lessons, swim-float-swim and roll to float! Oviedo, Winter Springs, Chuluota, Geneva: Little Otters Swim Academy gets results!

There is a ONE TIME $35.00 registration fee per child, $70 max per family. 

You will never pay to register again! 

If you are a first responder, active military family, or host family all registration fees are waived.


The registration fee is applied to the Josh the Otter foundation, which is dedicated to educating children in water safety.  I use Josh the Otter materials to head up a water safety campaign in Seminole and Orange Counties.  I offer Josh the Otter readings and water safety presentations Friday through Sunday, during swim season, and Monday through Friday in the off-season months. These are geared toward preschool and kindergarten children.

Tuition and Attendance

One on one lessons are approximately 15 minutes in length and are held Monday through Thursdays. Your tuition is for a total of one hour of private training per week. Your child will be skilled in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

  • If you are traveling to me for lessons; tuition is $85.00 per week.  Each additional sibling is discounted $10.00 per week.

  • Tuition for the initial series of lessons in YOUR home pool is the same as above plus a $50 weekly travel fee. If your home pool is more than 5 miles from downtown Oviedo's post office or out of my current travel area an additional mileage fee may apply. Space is VERY limited for individual home training. Please consider hosting other children for reduced/free lessons, as well as, more access to more immediate scheduling. (See hosting described to the right). 

Refresher lessons (typically held in Spring and Fall) are charged the same way as your initial series of lessons.  These are generally 2-3 weeks in length, depending upon the growth of your child and the amount of time in the water since maintenance or original series of lessons. ​

Maintenance lessons keep your child's skills sharp and can be as often as 3 times per week or as little as 4 times per month.  They are charged by the day, and booked in a series of 2: pricing is discounted and based on where lessons take place. 

First Responder and Military children's swimming lessons are discounted through an ongoing scholarship program.  It is an honor to serve those who serve! 


swimming lessons, swim-float-swim and roll to float! Oviedo, Winter Springs, Chuluota, Geneva: Little Otters Swim Academy gets results!

Host pools are a hot commodity! 

Please consider this awesome opportunity to educate others in your community and receive
FREE lessons! ​

Hosting Lessons

What does it mean to host lessons?

If you don't mind having other children trained in your (heated) pool; you can earn free lessons. You trade the use of your pool for lesson fees. Your child's lessons would take place at a time of your choosing, either before, after, or in between the others. Only one child is in the water at a time.


When you host 5 or more children at your home your first child's lessons are absolutely free. That's my thank you -- to you, for helping educate other children in your area. I ask for a commitment of 7 weeks for new students or 3 weeks for refresher students. 

There is almost always a waiting list for training in Oviedo and Winter Springs. You need not be concerned about recruiting students for lessons at your home. ​


Your pool must be consistently warm (83-89 degrees) and chemically balanced (chemicals must be checked daily). There must be a clear exterior walkway from the street to your pool deck so that no one must enter your home. You need not be present to host. 

I am completely insured to provide this service and I am happy to provide you with a copy of my insurance policy as well as copies of my certifications to teach.  

If you would like your pool to be considered for hosting please complete the Host Request Form 


swimming lessons, swim-float-swim and roll to float! Oviedo, Winter Springs, Chuluota, Geneva: Little Otters Swim Academy gets results!

Need Swim Diapers? 

Non Disposable (reusable) swim diapers are required for lessons. You must have them on your child for the first lesson if your child is under the age of 3 or not toilet trained!  Order them here:

They MUST NOT have velcro or snaps!


You can also find a good selection at Target and Walmart (or online)

Cost is about $8.00-14.00 for the diaper.


You can get them integrated into a one piece suit for girls or trunks for boys, but the prices are a bit more:





Let's Get Swimming!

Scheduling your child's training

2024 Registration is CLOSED.

Please call/email or text for referral instructors in our area. 

The swim schedule is PERFORMANCE-based. All children are scheduled in 4-5 weeks (floaters) or 6-7 week (swimming) increments. If a time slot opens because of cancellation or early completion, children who have registered (in the order they were registered) will have the first option to move to an earlier slot.  Target dates are given, but are subject to change, based on performance.  


1. Evaluate your calendar and schedule. Training will take approximately 6-7 weeks. Please do not plan any long vacations during this time. The more flexible you are with availability the sooner I can place you. If I can not accommodate your schedule request, I will offer another time, or place your child in the queue.

2. Open the new student registration form and be as complete as possible.  The more flexible you are with time/date options the sooner your child will get on my roster.    

3. Order your swim diapers (see the links left) and Warm Belly Wet suit (link at the bottom, if needed)

4. Watch your email for a welcome letter with your Lesson Guidelines and your individual lesson specifics. 

Swimming in cooler months? Or, does your child chill easily?  


Please consider investing in a warm belly wet suit.  (See Photo to the left).  Wet suits are a great solution to helping your child focus on the swimming and not the temperature.  Go to and order yours today.  For $5.00 off write Little Otters Swim Academy, FL in the comment box of the order form.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 5.49.34 PM.jpg

Need More Information? 

Please call/text: 407-252-7159.  

If I don't answer, please leave your name, phone number.  Please know that if you're calling during swim season, I will return your call Friday- Sunday. I will do my very best to answer all of your questions! Or you can email:

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