Our Goal is to educate children with a fun and simple message:


“Josh the Baby Otter” was created to help children comprehend and remember this important message. Ultimately, we want to create a water safety behavior for all children that will be passed on from generation to generation.

Readings are absolutely FREE and held weekly (Fridays) at  area schools and preschools. 


If you would like for Josh the Otter to make an appearance at your school or would be interested in a reading for your class or event please email: tina@littleotterswimacademy.com


                  or Call Tina 407.252.7159



​ No child is ever DROWN Proofed by these or any lessons. Be sure to watch your children carefully around the water. Stay within an arm's length at all times. It only takes a few silent minutes for a child to slip away from you. They can be masters at getting through the many layers of protection of our pools or curious about inviting bodies of water and quickly become in danger!!!

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