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Online Coaching

Virtual swim lessons coaching coach swim float swim online virtual coach


Due to the recent onset of the Pandemic, Covid-19 there has been an overwhelming interest in online lessons via video conferencing. While this is not the most ideal form of instruction it is an honor to offer it as an option to families that may not otherwise be able to get lessons for their children.  This specific program is geared toward children 2 years and up alongside a parent or caregiver. This type of instruction requires more patience and a lengthier timeline than the traditional (in person) survival lesson course but can be extremely successful.  

You, the parent, are coached to properly teach your child: correct breath control, body posture, propulsion, floating, rotation into and out of the float from the swim. This method works through precise observation (of both parent and child) with immediate feedback based on the response to the direction. The end goal is to have your child skilled in swim-float-swim. Here are some of the parameters on how online coaching will work:

  • Lessons are held daily, either through zoom for approximately 20 minutes Monday through Thursday

  • For new students, the number of weeks necessary will vary due to several factors (age, development, consistency). Please plan for  no less than 7-8 weeks

  • Refresher/updates scheduled are suggested to be in two-week intervals but may be more or less

  • One parent is in the pool with one child

  • You'll need a good internet connection poolside and your device. The online view must be unobstructed for both parties

  • Your pool chemical balance is to be checked every day

  • Your pool temperature must be warm; ideally over 83 degrees

  • Complete the pre-swim checklist each day and text before our swim time

  • Tuition is $85 per week due on Mondays before lesson time.  

  • Refresher tuition is $85 per week, with daily adjustments for "minor fixes" at $20 per lesson

If this type of program is a good fit for your family please call or email for more information. 407-252-7159


Registration is required. 

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