Little Otters Swim Academy swim program gets results.

Private, one on one lessons are held Monday through Thursday for 15 minutes per day.  Students will become skilled in 4 to 6 weeks. 

Swim-Float-Swim, Swim-to-Float and Roll-to-Float  are the methods taught to initially skill students.  Once skilled, children can move into stroke work and snorkeling lessons.  A recap of each is highlighted here. For more information, please visit the About the Program Page

Swim-Float-Swim is taught to walking children approx. 14 months and up! 

The swim-float-swim sequence provides children with the safe option of floating, whether for fun or in a rescue situation.  swim-float-swim is the safest way for a small child to navigate the water!

 Swim-to-Float is for Toddlers who have just begun to walk (11-12 months) to about 17 months of age. Sometimes this "in-between" age can learn the flip to swim out of the float, but there is a comfort level with staying in the float until prompted to  swim again or get a hand. 

Roll to Float  children ages 6 mos to walking. 


The Float is the most critical piece of any sequence a small child learns in the water. The beauty of the float is that it allows the child an opportunity to rest and breathe.  Small children are not capable of treading water for long periods of time!

My name is Tina Baron, principal Instructor for Little Otters.  Read how I became involved in this industry! I consider it a blessing to teach children to swim and be safer in around the water!

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Your one time registration fee is given back to the community through the Joshua Collingsworth Foundation.

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​​​​Discover what your child can learn given the correct instruction.  Florida is a beautiful, water rich environment. Teach your children early so that they can enjoy this paradise we call home!

Dedicated to teaching children to swim and be safer in and around the water

​Little Otters Swim Academy is proud to be a member of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance


​ No child is ever DROWN Proofed by these or any lessons. Be sure to watch your children carefully around the water. Stay within an arm's length at all times. It only takes a few silent minutes for a child to slip away from you. They can be masters at getting through the many layers of protection of our pools or curious about inviting bodies of water and quickly become in danger!!!

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